Are your products safe to use while pregnant?

Yes! We do not have any harmful essential oils or peppermint, so no need to worry! However, if you're allergic to a certain ingredient, we have them listed on our site as well as the labels. Do not go in direct sunlight for 12 hours after using sugarcoated mama due to the sweet orange essential oil. Most essential oils will state that on their labels.

How long do we leave UP-ROOT on for?

You should leave it on for around 45 minutes +. Depending on how thick you have made the mask. *preferably 3 layers.

How do we use UP-ROOT?

I have had many trial & errors while doing this mask. My routine is:

Pour the packet into a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of milk (preferred coconut milk, but regular milk and almond milk will do! Although- I have not personally tried almond milk, but other customers have, and have given me great feedback!) give it a stir, place in microwave for 15-20 seconds. Stir again, and apply hot (if you can!) Rub into blackhead problem areas (not the entire face) fan dry for 5 seconds, and apply a second and then a third layer by dabbing it on. Wait the full 45+ minutes, and peel UP! Slowly.

Are your soaps just for the face or can you use them on your whole body as well?

Almost all of our products are versatile and can be used in numerous ways. Our soaps are not limited to only your face. They're great for troubled, sensitive skin and can be used on your entire body. I use covered in woods on both of my children, and myself daily. My husband uses it on only his face. 

Can you use BLACKOUT on your entire body?

That is completely up to you! I do not prefer to use BLACKOUT on my entire body, I only use it on my face, but that is just preference. Activated Charcoal is such a fine powder, it sticks to your skin so easily, its hard to wash off. My advice. if you want a body scrub, would be to try Suga Mama. BLACKOUT will not harm the rest of your body, it is just difficult to get the charcoal off.

Can you use Suga Mama on your face?

Yes! I have a few customers who dab it under their eyes in the morning to help reduce their puffy eyes and eye bags! Try it!

Are your products safe to use on children/babies?

Everybody's skin is different, and everyones skin reacts in different ways. As for my family and my children with severe eczema, that is how we started! My kids have terrible skin problems. Very dry skin. I have been making Suga Mama for years for my daughter! I use our soaps on them for bath time, and the soaps don't burn or irritate their eyes either! I use our butters on eczema patches on their skin and after a long day in the sun/water. It will be entirely up to you and your children. TEST PATCH FIRST

Is ROOTS just for your roots or can you use it on your ends as well?

Yes, ROOTS is strictly for your roots. It has been infused with coffee + jojoba oil to promote blood flow and create growth! If you place it on your ends, yes it will hydrate your ends, but it will not help with growth. You would be wasting the product. We will be releasing a hair hydration treatment in the near future if you're worried about your ends!