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This simple yet power packed combination of Rhassoul Clay and Melaleuca EO come together to give you a nourishing face mask

🌜Rhassoul Clay was widely used by royals and nobility in Ancient Rome and Egypt. It can be used as a soap, shampoo, conditioner AND of course a face mask.

-rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and silica for skin nourishment.

-unique molecular structure allows it to absorb excess dirt and oil as well as extract impurities for the skin.

-Can alleviate dry skin by naturally balancing the skins oil levels

-improves skin texture and overall look so you can skip the foundation

🌱Melaleuca EO has amazing cleansing a rejuvenating effects on the skin

-also provides as protection against daily environmental and seasonal threats to our skin.


Mix your desired amount of powder (start small) with warm water until you achieve a creamy semi thick consistency. Apply to the face (and neck or any problem areas on the body) and let completely dry. The color will lighten. Once completely dry, rinse with a warm rag until all is removed.

For maximum results to rid blackheads, follow immediately with UPROOT! This mask will loosen and bring any stubborn blackheads to the surface and allow UPROOT to wow your socks off.

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