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Do you love our MUD MASK? Rhassoul clay alone works as an amazing microexfoliator to cleanse and clear your skin from the build up of the daily grind. Combine it with Dead Sea salt to purify your life from all the environmental and physical haters like toxins and bad vibes.

Rhassoul clay is rich in silica and magnesium to nourish and strengthen hair follicles and skin cells. Silica regenerates epithelial cells which form into hair follicles. More hair follicles more hair. Silica also strengthens the hair tissue by stimulating collagen to give you strong, lengthy locks.

Magnesium cleanses the scalp of calcium deposits, dry flaky skin, and daily buildup without stripping it of the natural sebum layer that protects your scalp from harsh environments.

Fine Dead Sea Salt is a gentle exfoliator and a spiritual beast. It gentle enough to wash away rough, bumpy skin but shows no weakness to negative energy and bad vibes. 

Feel at one with Mother Earth by grounding your body and mind with this deliciously nourishing scrub/mask.

Vetiver, cedarwood, and Lavender essentials oils are added for extra healing and that deep, earthy woodsy aroma with notes of sweetness.

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